We are a diverse group of parents/guardians in Massachusetts who want remote learning options for students as a stop gap measure until all school-aged children are vaccine eligible. Many of us are parents of children with complex medical needs, but we also believe remote learning will help us open schools back up safely.

Please sign and share our Change.org Petition and these Action Steps to help get the attention of Commissioner Riley and Governor Baker. The petition has over 750 signatures from parents in cities and towns across Massachusetts as represented in our new graphic. Our campaign is also getting great media attention. Check out our In the News section to find coverage in print, TV, and radio.

If you would like to contact us or get involved with this campaign, please email maparents4remoteoptions@gmail.com or complete this brief Parent Survey.

Our Mission

The mission of MA Parents for Remote Learning Options is to persuade the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Jeffrey Riley and Governor Charlie Baker to change current rules by allowing school districts to offer remote learning options for all students in the Commonwealth until it is safe for them to return to in person learning.  We believe safety should be determined by existing science and CDC recommendations regarding factors such as ventilation and community vaccination rates. 


Offering remote learning options will:

  • keep the most vulnerable children healthy and safe, including those who are immuno-compromised or have complex medical needs,
  • make schools safer for all students and staff by reducing daily census and allowing for greater social distancing,
  • meet equity principles by providing options that a greater portion of BIPOC and Disability communities want for their children, and
  • give schools and districts the flexibility to respond to a virus that has proven to be unpredictable and consistently underestimated.